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October 23 2017



Anyways turn off your mouth

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“i hope rick’s next favorite sauce is free healthcare” is one of the funniest phrases in the english language

wasn’t that shit bitch-ass caeser’s fault because he invented july and august for him and his triflin nephew or whoever the fuck

oh wrong fucking post

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I feel like with the new ~fandom drama~ or whatever going around, I should re-introduce my favorite theory of fandom, which I call the 1% Theory.

Basically, the 1% Theory dictates that in every fandom, on average, 1% of the fans will be a pure, unsalvageable tire fire. We’re talking the people who do physical harm over their fandom, who start riots, cannot be talked down. The sort of things public news stories are made of. We’re not talking necessarily bad fans here- we’re talking people who take this thing so seriously they are willing to start a goddamn fist fight over nothing. The worst of the worst.

The reason I bring this up is because the 1% Theory ties into an important visual of fandom knowledge- that bigger fandoms are always perceived as “worse”, and at a certain point, a fandom always gets big enough to “go bad”. Let me explain.

Say you have a small fandom, like 500 people- the 1% Theory says that out of those 500, only 5 of them will be absolute nutjobs. This is incredibly manageable- it’s five people. The fandom and world at large can easily shut them out, block them, ignore their ramblings. The fandom is a “nice place”.

Now say you have a medium sized fandom- say 100,000 people. Suddenly, the 1% Theory ups your level of calamity to a whopping 1000 people. That’s a lot. That’s a lot for anyone to manage. It is, by nature of fandom, impossible to “manage” because no one owns fan spaces. People start to get nervous. There’s still so much good, but oof, 1000 people.

Now say you have a truly massive fandom- I use Homestuck here because I know the figures. At it’s peak, Homestuck had approximately FIVE MILLION active fans around the globe.

By the 1% Theory, that’s 50,000 people. Fifty THOUSAND starting riots, blackmailing creators, contributing to the worst of the worst of things.

There’s a couple of important points to take away here, in my opinion.

1) The 1% will always be the loudest, because people are always looking for new drama to follow.

2) Ultimately, it is 1%. It is only 1%. I can’t promise the other 99% are perfect, loving angels, but the “terrible fandom” is still only 1% complete utter garbage.

3) No fandom should ever be judged by their 1%. Big fandoms always look worse, small fandoms always look better. It’s not a good metric.

So remember, if you’re ever feeling disheartened by your fandom’s activity- it’s just 1%, people. Do your part not to be a part of it.


washington: i’m stepping down i’m not running for president


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please please please teach your children to cook while they still live under your roof. even the most elementary things can’t be overlooked. because i just had to show my 24 year old boyfriend how to use a potato peeler and now i need to lay down for an hour

i hate this post because it just proves that like.. no simple statement can just be absorbed and the general population of tumblr go ‘yeah that sounds about right.’ i’ve had nazis say it’s a woman’s job to cook, terfs say that it’s only ‘males’ who don’t know how to cook, people have accused me of being classist because some people don’t own potatio peelers, called a bitch for airing out my boyfriend’s dirty laundry (which if the most embarrassing thing i can procure about the guy is that he’s not great in the kitchen i’d say he’s okay lmao)

just shut up and teach your fucking children to cook holy shit dude

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i hate when ppl make fun of me for trying 2 be positive and spread good vibes like fuck your bitter ass i spent a good portion of my short life being bitter and angry and suicidal if i wanna shoot sunshine out of my ass then i fuckin will 

the worst part is when their all “we can’t all be neurotypical, Karen” like listen, I’m not neurotypical I’m just trying to get better jesus

Even Bigger Mood

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im deleting my account

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↳ gun control in a nutshell by brooklyn nine nine. (x)

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↳ gun control in a nutshell by brooklyn nine nine. (x)


you know what movie pisses me off? 27 dresses with katherine heigl like……this bitch has 27 friends that all want her to be their bridesmaid and shes SAD cause she cant get a man????? BITCH i would KILL a man if i could have 27 friends that love me that much. id kill 27 men

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October 06 2017






How many more lives must we sacrifice at the altar of the 2nd Amendment before decide that enough is enough?

What is wrong with these people? Do they not realise how fucking backwards that sounds? Even IF you say your desire for for guns is that they protect people…that can’t be the truth when you are saying you would sacrifice ALL people’s lives for a right you invented.

I have no room in my life for people who would sacrifice the well-being of actual people, right now, in favor of abstract principle. You help the people you have the power to help.

In this case, it means gun control, and I can’t imagine a moral universe where fighting against it is anything but evil.

“I have no room in my life for people who would sacrifice the well-being of actual people, right now, in favor of abstract principle.”

one of the musicians at the Vegas concert has always been an ardent supporter of the nra and no gun control. he’s completely changed his tune.

the laws we have are not easily enforcible because there are legal ways around them. you can’t buy an automatic, but you can legally buy a semi and a mod kit that turns semis into autos.

gun violence can’t even accurately be studied because we aren’t allowed to have a registry of gun owners, meaning that the department specific to researching gun crime can’t use computers because it can be turned into a registry.

I actually know people with concealed carry permits who I wouldn’t trust with a dart much less a gun, who openly joke about how it’s protection for “if the wife gets violent” or other phrases indicating an idea of domestic violence/spousal murder.

the most “responsible” gun owners I know, an air force cadet and a marinre… well, one owns several unregister3d weapons because he inherited them and doesn’t want to deal with change of ownership and the other shot himself cleaning his gun and nearly died

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