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March 26 2017



Why does everyone say that they played someone ‘like a fiddle’? Fiddles are actually pretty difficult to play? Why not say ‘I played him like a recorder’? ‘Like a xylophone’? ‘Like a triangle’?

I think it’s got to do with detail and subtlety. If you play someone like a fiddle, that’s like, Iago or some shit. If you play someone like a triangle, you just told them there was free food somewhere when there wasn’t.

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Isaac Newton’s predicted that 2060 would be the “end of the world”. He expressed his belief that Bible prophecy would not be understood “until the time of the end”, and that even then “none of the wicked shall understand”.

Despite the dramatic nature of a prediction of the end of the world, Newton may not have been referring to the 2060 date as a destructive act resulting in the annihilation of the earth and its inhabitants, but rather one in which he believed the world was to be replaced with a new one based upon a transition to an era of divinely inspired peace. (Source) 


when a show reveals gay content but you’re scared it’s just bait


I love the Sanders gang




• Bernie, who wants to fix the country
• Thomas, who makes us laugh and smile
• Colonel, who makes some damn nice chicken

the father, the son and the finger-licking spirit

i have 0% memory of making this comment

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🏳️‍🌈 💯 👍 💯 👍 💯 👍 💯 🏳️‍🌈



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men are amazing

….did he honestly just say that “respecting women” was too hard for some men to acheive?

respect is a talent swwetie

That just hurt my soul

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best dog tag [x]



there is no purer moment that a human can experience than when ur petting ur dog and they kinda squint their eyes, tilt their head back, do that adorable toothy dog smile & let you pet them while they just chill and feel the love…nothing better. that is top tier. ultimate wholesomeness

see what i mean!!

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four horsemen of the apocalypse



im in need of some financial assistance, today i received a water bill from the city and it’s due in 5 days; i’m very meticulous about my mail because i noticed it was dated earlier than it arrived ( about an entire week ) but after talking with some other friends in my city they said similar things. 

i dont know if you know about the water crisis in my town, but little to no work has been done repairing the pipe infrastructure and there have been figurative bandaids being used – filters ( that don’t even really work ) and bottled water which seems to have been dwindling in supply.

last year we were told not to pay anything toward our water bills and we would be credited 75-80% of the total bill, but this has turned out to be a lie as beginning this year the crediting has been removed from bills and people are being forced to pay 20% of their total bills each month or face shut off of their water; even though our water supply has been tainted for years if you don’t have running water in your home its considered unfit for living, and if the state finds out – which they will – you could have your children taken away by the state.

i just finished paying off my house taxes for the last 3 years from my grandmother’s passing until the ownership of the house was transferred to me, my sisters and mother so this is blindsiding me.

I need $231.80 by 3/30, although honestly i’d be grateful if you could just spread the word. When I return to work I’ll speak with corporate to try to get an advance but I’m really in a tight situation after dumping everything on my house taxes.

My paypal is beiialedge@aol.com, and I’m really thankful if you could help or spread the word. Thanks.

I’ve received 97 dollars so far, thank you guys so fucking much

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im screaming shsksxsjsnsgsn


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George Junius Stinney Jr. was, at age 14, the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century (1944)

The boy was small for his age (5'1) so small, they had to stack books on the electric chair. 

The photos at the end are George. (compare little George in this actual photo to the two white guys wearing hats)

Because there was literally NO EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM (accused of murdering two white girls) …his conviction was posthumously vacated 70 years after his execution…

heart breaking!


Convicted after a 10 minute deliberation by an all-white jury, despite the fact there was no evidence to present to the jury.



super jealous of the atoms that got to make up things like orchids and star light and banana ice cream and a breeze during a hot day, instead mine chose to go out and make up a human smh ungrateful

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Looks like the one mystery Velma Dinkley couldn’t solve was self-love



me: (listens to ‘take on me’)

me, who was not alive in the 80s: god this really brings me back

man i miss the good old days when i wasnt alive

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I want to Die

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I see this in parking lots and it makes me sick. It’ll be 90-100 degrees outside and people will leave their Hugh Jackmans in the car with the window cracked only a little bit. If you see this please call someone so the poor thing can be taken somewhere safe

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